Signs He’s Ready to Take the Relationship to the Next Level

Signs He’s Ready to Take the Relationship to the Next Level

Are you able to recognize the signs that he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level? Let’s look at how things stand at the moment. You’ve found a guy that you have really connected with. You’ve been seeing him for a while now, and I would guess that you’ve known that he is the one for you for a while now. While you have come to terms with what you feel for him, you’re not quite sure if he has finally managed to work out what he truly feels for you. It’s just possible that you might have noticed that guys can be a wee bit slow in letting you know what you feel, but all the same it would be good to see some signs that he thinks the same about you so that you can give him the assurance that he needs to take the relationship to the next level.

If you really care for someone then it’s a basic need to know that feeling is shared by your partner. If your guy talks about how much he loves you and that he wants to be with you then he should be ready to take the relationship to the next level, and yes I realize that this more of an ideal world situation. This is a bit of a generalisation but on the whole guys fear commitment and they are terrified of being rushed into something that they are not ready for, so if he has started talking about love and the future then he feels very strongly about your future together.

Has he introduced you to the people that he cares about, the people that are closest to him, his family and friends? Take a moment to think about this! By introducing you to his nearest and dearest he is not just saying that you are his girlfriend, he’s saying that you are someone special, someone that he cares about very deeply. Just because you’ve been introduced it doesn’t mean that it’s time to write the wedding invitations out, but it is a sign that you could at some point move to the next level. If he’s not yet introduced you to his nearest and dearest there could be legitimate reasons, but it could well be that he’s not yet that serious about you.

We all have our hopes and dreams for the future, no-one can see into the future so they might be no more than pipe dreams, but it doesn’t stop us talking about them. Once he starts to talk about your future together then he is definitely thinking about something more permanent. Think about this. Someone who still has an I’m single mentality would focus on how things affect them and the plans that they have for themselves. Once he starts to talk about we and us then you know that he no longer regards himself as single but as part of a couple.

If your relationship is going to stand the test of time, two of the most important things that you need are friendship and communication. If you can’t stand the sight of each other then your relationship will never last, if you are at the level of nodding acquaintances then your relationship might work but it won’t be anything special, but if you are friends then you have a relationship that can withstand anything. In order for a relationship to really work and a marriage to stand the test of time you have to be each others guarantee of unconditional support, you have to be the first person that they speak to if they have problems, you have to be the first person that they turn to and the first person that they think of. Without friendship there can be no real deep lasting love and commitment.

When you break it down the one thing that is behind more relationship breakups and divorces than anything else is a breakdown in communication. If you want your marriage to stand the test of time then you have to be able to talk to each other, and by talk I don’t mean just the day-to-day stuff but the stuff that makes you tick, your feelings and emotions, your hopes and dreams, wants and needs. Talking with each other is what builds, nurtures and grows your relationship, if you are not doing that then you might want to have some serious thoughts as to where your relationship is going. But if your boyfriend is your best friend, if he shares everything with you right to the deepest level then you know that he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level.

A relationship and a marriage is where two equals who love each other come together. Both of you have an equal responsibility to make your relationship work, and neither of you has the sole right to decide the direction of the relationship, or the sole right to make decisions. Regardless of what you both bring into the relationship you are equal. You have to work as a team and make decisions based on what is best for the union and not what is best for an individual. If this is him then it’s a good sign that he is committed to your relationship, if he’s not then you might have problems.

Is he always there for you. No matter how many times you call him through the day is he always happy to speak to you. Does he care about what you think and does he listen to you! If something is important to you, it should be important to him, and if he listens to you, what you say is important to him. If he is prepared to make time for you he is saying that there is no-one or nothing that is more important than you are. If he has more important calls on his time such as the T.V, playing computer games or visiting friends then you might want to have a long think.

Whilst he might struggle to put his feelings into words, if you can see that he’s drawing ever closer to you then he could be gearing up to take your relationship to the next level. If he is making every effort to get to know you better and to finding out what makes you tick, I would say that things look good. If he is always happy to make time for you, if he is doing his utmost to make you happy, it’s fair to say that things are looking promising. If he is committed to your relationship and trying to do his best to make it a healthy and happy one then the future looks bright. And of course if he is trying to find the size of a certain ring finger, I can’t help but think that wedding bells are going to chime.