How to Level Fast in WoW – FAQs

How to Level Fast in WoW – FAQs

Just crossed my mind to put together a few of the commonly asked questions about WoW and their answers including the How to Level Fast question of course.

Q: How to Level Fast in WoW ?

A: Grab a leveling guide that has the in-game add-on to avoid shifting in and out of the game in order to read and know what you need to do next. Alt-Shift is a very boring process when you have to do it every time you forgot one or two of your next steps so a leveling guide that has an in-game add-on supported along with the written guide is a huge advantage to avoid that boring shifting process.

Q: What’s the Best WoW Leveling Guide Out There ?

A: I personally trust four guys Brian Kopp for alliance players, Joana for the horde and zygor for both Dugi is pretty good also for a whole gold,leveling and talent build and more guide. That is in my most humble opinion because these guys been around for quite awhile and I haven’t heard the word “scam” or “lie” when it comes to them.

Q: What’s a Quest Helper?

A:Quest helpers is a free in game add-on you can download it implements a certain interface in your game along with your map and it’s supposed to tell you where your current quests are and their quest givers. A bunch of those has bugs from false co-ords to crashing down the game.

Q: What Does Co-ords Mean?

A: Co-ords are the exact point where something is located in your map be it mobs,quest givers or anything and it requires an add-on you have to download it and you can do that from curse gaming just go Google it and you’ll find their site its a huge database site with tons of add-ons.

Q: What Does Nerffing Mean?

A: Nerffing is a word known and used by WoW players it means a certain class have had one or more of its spells or talents decreased in one way or another.

Good luck leveling.