Satellite Radio Is Everywhere

Driving down the Ventura freeway with the wind blowing through my hair and the radio blasting. It was just like old times… the only difference was the sounds coming from my radio.

Rather than some rock band playing at high volume, I was jamming to the latest headlines from a 24 hour cable news station being broadcast over satellite radio. It seems that no matter how hard I try to get away from the 24 hour news cycle, I can not escape. I know I’m not alone though. The cable news outlets not only have full run on the minds of their viewers on TV, but also on the minds of millions of people every week who listen to satellite radio in their automobiles and mobile devices. It makes it very easy to take my habit of being a news junkie to a new level.

Everywhere I go someone seems to be listening to satellite radio. Even in stores.

Now that people have the ability to pull up their favorite stations on a cell phone, all it takes is an audio jack to plug in a device to a full sound system. Soon that person will be swooning away to the sounds of MSNBC, CNN or Fox News. Although the sounds that come from most of these outlets can hardly be called “swoon-able.”

Is it a good thing that we have access to the 24 hour cable news cycle virtually every where we go today? In horrible situations or urgent news days, yes it is… But let’s be honest… There are more times when nothing is going on compared to the times that do require my direct attention. Why am I giving cable news on satellite radio all my time?

My family often wonders the same thing. Now when we get in the car for a family road trip, it’s no longer “Lets listen to music”, its lets listen to the same 5 stories over and over again on a new station. When we get sick of that stations stance on those five stories, we can switch to another station to hear the re-worded version of the exact same events on another. It’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end.

I miss the days of sitting back and using the radio as an escape from the world. Now it seems satellite radio is bringing everything I try to escape from, directly to me.