3 Rules For Texting a Girl

Many men when they start texting a girl, simply don’t know what they are doing and very often fail with every single message, not realizing that the girl didn’t like them, not because of their appearance, but simply because they didn’t know how to interact with her and keep her interested in them all the time. So what are the main purposes of texting a girl? They are obvious:

1) You want to stay in touch those times when you are not together.

2) After getting her phone number, SMS message is an option how to begin a conversation.

3) We use text messages to lift our relationship to a higher level and it’s a good

Way of flirting with a girl.

But there are some crucial mistakes, that almost every single men does when he’s in love with a girl and these are the mistakes that you don’t want to do while getting involved in a relationship.

Mistake #1

Boring messages. Messages like “wuss up?” or “how’s it going?” are the same messages that pretty girls gets from guys many times every day and they are not different from those messages of those guys that write to your girl.

Mistake #2

Texting a girl too often can be annoying for her. Text messages should be written sparingly and should create intrigue and suspense. If you are texting a girl all the time, no doubt that she won’t care about shooting you back.


Final mistake is when a man wants to chat through messages. Messaging – is NOT the way how you can get to know the girl.

Flirt in text messages.
When sending message to a girl, you have to show her, that you are interesting to talk to and you have a fun life and you are a fun person to interact with.

Now let’s talk about rules of texting.

Rule #1

Give the message a value. Now look in your cell phone and see how many time you sent messages like “What’s up” or “how’s going”. A lot? Now delete all of them and start a new era of messaging. When you are writing to woman something like this, you are giving her a chance to take everything under control, because woman likes to interact and she doesn’t get it from you, so she has to control the interaction. You’ll become and “under-healer”.

Every message should give a woman some part of your personality, so se could see how interesting and flexible you are. Messages like “For some reason you popped up in my thoughts, so I simply wanted to say hi” or “Hey, stop thinking about me ” are not burden at all for a woman and she doesn’t feel like she needs to answer them, but still answers.


Make the message short. Keep the intrigue. Don’t answer all questions that she might ask you. Don’t be a puppy that runs to the owner when he calls. When texting a girl, try to give her like a like a movie trailer, so she would be interested to know the rest. Don’t describe every single detail…leave for the moment when you’ll meet face to face.

Rule #3

Have you ever texted a girl and then waited for her answer for few hours? You know why? Because she wasn’t interested to shoot you back right away. Therefore, you must always keep her like on a roller coaster. Give her a suspense in every message, and stop answering back right that second when you got the message.

And remember, the purpose of texting a girl is to create a little connection, but not to get to know her through messaging, so be smart and get the girl thinking about you.