A Look At Philip Judge – The Man Behind Younique Wealth Systems

A Look At Philip Judge – The Man Behind Younique Wealth Systems

The man at the helm of Younique Wealth Systems, Philip Judge, has immeasurable experience in the wealth management and precious metals industry.

Philip’s experience comes from his extensive work with wealthy families, in the wealth management and precious metals industry, in helping and advising them in protecting, preserving and growing their wealth.

Everything Philip Judge has done to date, is driven by purpose. Philip has worked as a private bullion banker for two decades.

The Anglo Far East Bullion Company was co-founded in 1991 by Philip Judge. The Anglo Far East Bullion Company is a world leading private gold and silver bullion custodial company. The Anglo Far East Company offers bullion custodial banking services to high net worth individuals and institutions, and bases its services in Switzerland.

The Anglo Far East Company deals with high net worth and wealthy individuals and clients.

In 1998, Philip Judge produced a documentary titled Millenium Money. The film won a first place Gold Award at the US Film Festival. For many people who have watched Millenium Money, a total shift in mindset has resulted, around the area of money and finances.

Philip Judge is also behind The Anglo Energy Company, which was started in 2003. The company was established at a time when global energy prices were low. Philip Judge however, understood the concept of peak oil, and believed energy, commodities and precious metals would increase dramatically in the years ahead. Many people thought he was just crazy. Given the current prices however, we can safely conclude that Philip Judge is good at his market timing and positioning.

We live in a world where we are consuming more energy than we are discovering. This is Philip’s business acument and market positioning at its best.

Philip Judge had an idea, to place wealth, knowledge and wisdom into the hands of ordinary people. This led to the launch of Younique Wealth Systems to the world in 2008.

Younique Wealth Systems is the leading gold distribution and wealth education company in the world, operating with distributors and customers in over 60 countries.

The Younique Wealth Sense Program – Acquiring The Wisdom And Knowledge Of The Generationally Wealthy

Through his experiences, background and knowledge, Philip Judge has served as a trustee, investment strategy advisor and researcher with many sophisticated investors, family and corporate trusts, and private venture capitalists.

Philip Judge’s knowledge and wisdom adds value to the Younique Wealth Systems’ Wealth Sense Program. The secrets of the wealthy are taught to individuals through Younique’s Wealth Sense Program.

The wealthy individuals are separated from all other people, because of the knowledge they have, and the fact that they apply this knowledge.

The ordinary man receives the knowledge and wisdom of the generationally wealthy, via Younique’s Bullion Business Opportunity, its bullion products and Younique’s Wealth Sense Program. This is up to date knowledge, based on Philip’s experiences working with wealthy families, and similar experiences of his leadership and management teams.

Throughout time, there have been certain groups of people whose wealth has always grown consistently. These wealthy families and individuals consistently grow, maintain and protect their wealth, whether during times of political unrest, social upheaval or war. These groups of people are the generationally wealthy families, including kinds and queens.

These groups of people have relevant knowledge and wisdom, and they take action based on this knowledge. Philip has worked with generationally wealthy individuals and families. The wealthy do certain things in a certain way. They are focussed on long-term wealth creation.

Philip Judge is very good at timing markets, and has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from his experiences.

Learn more about Philip Judge and the knowledge and wisdom shared in the Younique Gold Tribe.