World of Warcraft Level 1-80 Leveling Guides For WotLK

World of Warcraft Level 1-80 Leveling Guides For WotLK

Long time players know that WoW leveling guides that focus on solo questing are the fastest way to achieve the top levels in the shortest amount of time. With the addition of the Lich King expansion in World Of Warcraft even long time players who have been at level 70 for quite some time will be looking for the new World Of Warcraft 1-80 leveling guides to get their current toons to 80 as well as power level a Death Knight to 80.

The big difference in WoW leveling guides with the WotLK expansion as compared to when the burning crusade expansion is the type of WoW leveling guides available to players. When the Burning Crusade was released leveling guides were simply written guides in .pdf format that you had to read along with as you played the game. Although they were very effective they were kind of annoying having to go in and out of the game constantly to read.

The World Of Warcraft addon technology has been used to take these WoW leveling guides into the gaming interface in programs referred to as WoW quest helper programs.

These WoW quest helper programs are essentially World Of Warcraft power leveling guides that have been taken into the game and provide step by step solo questing details. Several of these programs have been used to set World leveling records.

Long time players and gaming pros have broken down all the quests available beginning at each class starting area and organized efficient questing paths that allow players to level to level 80 in the shortest time possible. I am amazed at the ability of these programs to provide accurate information regardless of the race / class combination a player selects. Some kind of auto detect feature in the programs kicks off at the proper starting area and directs players from level one with directional arrows and detailed instructions to complete a series of quests one after another.

The latest versions are the WoW level 1-80 guide programs or WoW quest helpers that are also including Death Knight questing paths so players can also power level a Death Knight.