What Are The Bowling Rules Of A Fair Game?

What Are The Bowling Rules Of A Fair Game?

If you are fond of bowling you definitely need to learn the fair rules of the game. The rules are not as difficult as one might think that they are, every bowling lover must learn and follow them. These bowling rules have been devised since many decades. And a good player must follow all the universal rules of good bowling.

Every aspect of bowling is covered by the rules including bowling attires, pins and balls. Besides these aspects, bowling rules are also devised for technicalities and scoring of the game.

The Basic Bowling Rules

  • The most important thing which a bowler must consider while bowling is that he must never cross the foul line. For this, you have to get familiarized with the playing pitches so that you do not cross the foul lines. The foul line begins after 15 feet of the playing area. Therefore, it is important that you never cross the foul line while releasing your ball.
  • You must also know your bowling pins as the rules require it. The total number of bowling pins is 10, and they must not weigh more than 3 pounds and 10 ounces. These 10 pins are divided into 4 rows, in which head pin is present in the first, 2 pins on the second, three on the third row and four pins on the fourth row of the lane. If you want to win the game, then you have to defeat all these pins.
  • Find a perfect ball for bowling. The weight of a perfect ball must not exceed 16 pounds in the world tournaments. Rules and regulations allow the use of three types of pins; ten pin, five pins and candlepin. The perfect ball consists of no more than 5 holes. Make sure that you find the best ball for bowling.
  • You must also find the perfect bowling shoes for playing. The choice of left and right hand shoes mainly depends upon whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Left-handed people have a breaker in their sole whereas; the right-handed people have a slider in their soles.

Bowling Rules of The Game

10 score frame is used in the bowling game. Two balls are thrown in each single frame. The total number of knocked down pins after every throws represent the total score of the game. The person having the highest score wins the game.

You must know how the bowling scores are recorded in the frames. The perfect score is 300; therefore, you have to score essentially two times in every frame.

When the player strikes all the strokes in every frame, he needs to record his score in the frame. Otherwise, he cannot start to play the strike.

All in all, the most important rule is not to step ahead of the foul line. This may result in the disqualification of the scores.