Virtual Assistant Tasks

Virtual Assistants are employees who do their jobs from home that focuses their interests on administrative tasks that are likely to those of an executive secretary or assistant.

With a large scope of knowledge, that can handle almost all of the administrative works. There is no limit to what they can do for your business.

Essential skills needed for becoming a virtual assistant are excellently written and verbal communication, though it would be beneficial that you have an experienced of being a critical-thinker, problem-solver, and customer service related job as well.

Having a good speaking voice and diction are necessities because the common tasks of being a virtual assistant involve placing calls in behalf of the company, like calling customers for scheduling purposes or to suppliers for delivery arrangement or picking up parcels. These types of positions also include the job of returning calls to prospective clients who seek information about the products and services.

Having excellent grammar, spelling and good writing mechanics are very important. Duties of E-mailing includes client satisfaction surveys and sending gratitude messages to existing clients, also includes follow-up messages to prospective buyers to thank them for expressing interest in what your company is offering.

Excellent Computer skills are vital for researching information online for company databases and written reference materials in virtual libraries, as well as comparing competitor’s published information on websites and in digital brochures, booklets, flyers alike. Some task requires the virtual assistant to utilize its skills in compilation, evaluation, and organization to achieve the best output when communicating with clients.

Virtual Assistants are also responsible for creating slides, digital graphics, also charts for online and print copies of presentations or reports and web-based seminar speeches. Gathering information from raw data and compiling into an attractive format which clearly and precisely reflects the information is vastly important.

Although No Degree required for virtual assistant work, he or she still needs a computer to perform the task with running Windows 7 or newer Operating System and a high-speed internet connection, also a reliable landline connection, because the mobile phone is not acceptable. A quiet working environment that is free from noise and distractions while speaking with clients is one of the most common requirements.

Access to Microsoft Office products is essential including EXCEL, WORD, and POWER POINT are required. Working hours are adaptable, as long as the required task is complete. The Payment is based on a per-item basis rather than per hour or salary-based. Virtual assistants work from home and report end product items and track work via software supplied by the company he or she is working with, which installed on the assistant’s system. The Company usually assigned one direct supervisor or team leader to monitor assistants, but no teamwork are necessarily required, only the motivation of the virtual assistant to succeed through their skills and hard work is required. Special bonuses are available depending on quarterly achievements.

Here are the six classifications of Virtual Assistants:
1. E-Commerce
2. Social Media
3. Virtual Research
4. Administrative
5. Data Entry
6. Real Estate

In addition to these types mentioned above, there are also virtual assistants for programming, digital marketing, and customer support