Ukraine President Zelensky Urges To West To Strike The Kremlin If Russia Strikes Him

Ukraine President Zelensky Urges To West To Strike The Kremlin If Russia Strikes Him

i24 News: Zelensky urges West to strike Kremlin if Russia assaults his business 

‘If you do this, then in a 2nd … there will be a strike on the conclusion-building center of your state’ 

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky in an job interview with Canadian media on Sunday said that the West must strike the Kremlin if Russia assaults the presidential workplace in Kyiv. 

Talking with Canadian CTV News and CBC Television, Zelensky reported that Russia “doesn’t understand something other than drive.”


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Update: Nuke Kremlin, Zelensky Requires To West Says Assault Russia If Putin Launches Nuclear Assault on Kyiv (IBTimes) 

A portion of me wonders if some Western governments have given Zelensky a determination that they will intervene if Russia works by using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine. And is this the explanation why Russia is anxious that a fake flag nuclear operation in Ukraine will be applied by the West as the reason to intervene ….
Russian Protection Minister In Mobile phone Phone calls With His Counterparts From The U.S., Britain, France And Turkey States Ukraine Is Planning A ‘Dirty Bomb’ Untrue Flag Attack (Oct 23, 2022). 

Ukraine President Zelensky’s complete CBC/CTV job interview is beneath. His responses are sadly not translated.

A personalized observation on President Zelensky overall look. There are several points in the job interview the place he has a wild search in his eyes. I hope I am incorrect, but I have the impact that with the destruction of the country’s ability grid now unfolding and the war declaring hundreds of life every day, he now has the seem of a person who has just been informed that the war is now escalating uncontrollably into a new and damaging period. out?v=T0AVIm1mwdY