Rules of the Bakugan Game

The rules of the Bakugan are really quite simple. They are easy to understand and easy to follow. Well, Bakugan was created mainly for kids after all. For them to be able to play the game, the instructions of the whole game would have to be understood by them.

A 2 ½ feet wide space is first needed to be the playing field. Each player sits opposite each other, and will have their left corners as a place for their “used pile,” where the Bakugan and the cards they have used will go after battle. On the opposite side, the right corner will be the player’s “unused pile.” Each player will keep their own cards to themselves at the start, either holding onto the cards with their hands or keeping them face down in front of them.

We start the game by placing 2 Gate cards on the field, one from each player. From there, the main battle will commence. The general rule is that the younger player will go first in rolling his Bakugan into the play field. He will choose from one of his 3 Bakugans from his unused pile and roll it across the field onto the card. If the Bakugan ball missed the card then the Bakugan will be moved straight to the used pile. It will be the next player’s turn then. If the Bakugan lands or stops on the card (it does not have to open as it is counted as standing when it lands on the card), with no other Bakugan yet on the card, your turn is over and it is the opponent’s turn to roll his Bakugan onto the card.

When a Bakugan rolls onto a Gate card with a Bakugan already on it, then battle commences. In battle, note the G-Powers of the Bakugans. Flip over the card and both players will follow the instructions on it. Each player can then play their Ability cards to battle it out. Each player will play the Abilities alternately. Players can either play their cards or pass. If both players pass then it’s time for the battle to end. Both players will add (and, in some cases, subtract) the Gate card’s power boost to their Bakugans G-power. The Bakugan with the highest G-Power level wins the battle, and the winning player gets the Gate card. In case of a tie, the winning Bakugan will be the one that landed first on the card.

After the battle, the Bakugan and cards that were used will be moved onto the used pile. To begin a new battle, two new Gate cards will be placed on the playing field and the whole process is done again. This goes on until one of the players gets 3 Gate cards. This player is declared the winner of the game.

There are cases where the Bakugan will land on a Gate card where there is already a Bakugan that belonged to the same player of the Bakugan just rolled. In these instances, the newly rolled Bakugan will just be moved onto another card. If that card has an opponent Bakugan on it, then a battle will start. If that card has another one of the player’s Bakugan, however, and there are no more Gate cards to move the new Bakugan onto, then the player wins that card.

Whatever happens, the goal does not change. The player that first gets 3 Gate cards wins. This is the Bakugan game, and it’s as simple as that.