Never Judge a Women by Her Looks – It’ll Cost You

Never Judge a Women by Her Looks – It’ll Cost You

This may sound like common sense, but it is so true and some men never really apply this. All men are guilty of judging a women based on appearance alone, but some men do it a lot more than others. Nearly all men know that we should not be judging women based solely on looks, however we continuously have the superficial urge when we do not think with our right heads. Almost always, this behavior is detrimental when seducing a woman, and trying to have her connect with you.

All women want to be appreciated for who they are on the inside, their personality. Yes, women also want to feel appreciated for their looks, but that comes after appreciating who they are. Extremely beautiful women do not want to be judged solely on their looks, and they do not want that to be what attracts a man to them.

The majority of women have the idea that they may want to have children in their future. When that time comes and they do become pregnant, observe what happens to their body. Due to the fact a woman’s body, mainly torso, has to expand and accommodate the growth of the baby is frightening to most men who are only in it for the looks, and the women as well a little. Also, the possibility of their body never returning to the same shape and appearance is also worrying to them.

Women also understand that we all will experience aging, causing a less youthful appearance. In society a general thought is that a man is considered more distinguished in appearance when his hair grays,but it is different for women. Wrinkles on men are not that big of a concern, however for women wrinkles can be very serious. With the way society is, it has made women self conscious and very concerned about their appearance. For these reasons women do not need their men to put even further pressure on them, they want a man who can relieve their pressure and see the beauty on the inside.

Looks as a number one priority will definitely lead to you being very disappointed in some relationship you have. If you always are getting with only the sexiest women, you will eventually become too attached thinking you have something real. After a while she will leave you, you will have a horrible relationship with her, or she may cheat on you. These are all occurrences that could have been avoided if you had got to know her first, who she really is.

I am not insisting that you refrain from being with women you find attractive in appearance, but do not use that as your first line or introduction talk, such as “You are sexy, want a drink?” Still talk to women you find pretty, but make them feel like are really trying to get to know them from the start. All women have their own custom preferences in looks, personality, attitude, and other traits we need to accept. Compatibility is the real foundation for relationships.