Never Judge A Website’s CONTENT QUALITY By Its Design!

Never Judge A Website’s CONTENT QUALITY By Its Design!

Maybe in the earlier days, it was okay to do that i.e. judge a website by its design.

But today, with the massive proliferation of websites and the need for discerning visitors to save time, effort and money in finding what they want, MORE people are realising this TRUTH: The design of a website does not necessarily guarantee it will have GOOD, USEFUL or RELIABLE content quality.

Not all that glitters is gold, is a saying that most are familiar with. Appearances can be quite deceptive as we all know. And it is a known fact that it is unadvisable to judge a book by its cover – or indeed a car by its looks – you cannot be sure what’s under the hood!

Some of the most useful websites I’ve visited actually struck a decent balance between the design and content quality – with some leaning more towards the latter.

To find what you want and get the best, avoid placing too much emphasis on web design. That does not – of course – mean you should go looking for ugly sites, but it’s just to alert you to the fact – for instance – that the best “experts” in a specific field you are considering, may not come to you packaged, on their websites, as attractively as less competent ones!

If you fail to take a closer look – “under the hood” – for content quality, you could just end up shortchanging yourself.

To underscore the point I’ve made in this write-up, consider this: Most fraudulent websites typically use exceptionally impressive or aesthetically appealing web designs to win the confidence of their target audience, who ultimately get scammed!

Final Words

No, I am NOT saying it is bad to build – or subscribe to – websites that are prettily or attractively designed. What I am saying is that you need to avoid concluding that a website with a design that does not “impress” YOU (or meet your design TASTES), will NOT offer value for money by way of products or services it offers.

Do yourself a favour and take a few extra steps to CHECK and confirm what it offers in terms of QUALITY – and THEN contact the owner/company. You could start by exploring the site extensively for articles, newsletters and other information that could provide insight you need.

Using what you find, send in questions via email or the website contact form (if any), watch the kinds of responses you get etc. Sooner than later, you’ll be able to take an intelligent decision about what to do. And by that time, chances of your making a regrettable or costly mistake will have been considerably reduced.