Microsoft Introduced This Year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Microsoft Introduced This Year's Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tech huge Microsoft has traditionally unveiled this year’s unattractive Christmas sweater. This time, it is dedicated to Clippy – an legendary paperclip-shaped character that acted as a digital assistant produced by Microsoft for Microsoft Business office. Clippy went into a properly-deserved retirement in 2001 with the launch of Office environment XP, only to return 20 several years later on as a paperclip emoji in Home windows 11.

The Home windows Ugly Sweater: Clippy Version expenses $75 and is obtainable from the firm’s Xbox Equipment Store in 6 various sizes.

Microsoft will donate all proceeds from sweater sales to the University Achievements Foundation, an business that assists pupils from very low socioeconomic backgrounds effectively get paid a higher education diploma. Microsoft will also donate an more $100,000 on leading of that.

Why Are Unpleasant Sweaters a Detail? | The Online Protocol

What is an unattractive sweater bash, and why does your occasion outfit have to be “unattractive”?

This isn’t really Microsoft’s first unpleasant sweater – it can be the firm’s fifth year of Windows-themed unappealing sweaters and the third 12 months it has been marketing them to the common community, according to The Verge. For illustration, past years’ sweater themes have involved Home windows XP, MS Paint, and the common game Minesweeper.