Makiwara Training – How to Take Your Punching Power to the Next Level

Makiwara Training – How to Take Your Punching Power to the Next Level

This article will show you how makiwara training can bring your punching techniques to the next level. Using a makiwara board is one of the best ways to develop a lightning-fast punch and fists that feel like cinder blocks when you get hit with them.

The makiwara board is your ultimate training partner. It doesn’t punch back, but it lets you know exactly when you are doing something wrong. Using a makiwara to aid your punching power and technique can bring your training to an entirely new level.

The makiwara is a traditional training tool developed by Okinawan farmers practicing Karate. Their makiwaras were entirely made by hand with materials they had available. Due to this tradition, there is no reason that you can’t create your own makiwara from parts you have at home. Store-purchase makiwaras can be very expensive and you can make a makiwara yourself in just a few hours.

By combining makiwara drills on a routine basis, along with heavy bag practice, shadow boxing, and controlled sparring with a partner, you can become the ultimate punching machine in a fairly short period of time. The makiwara training needs to be correct. If you use a makiwara without full knowledge of what you are doing, you could really end up hurting yourself.

The makiwara can increase your punching power up to the limits of the human fist. Using a bag or something soft, does not give the full benefit of the hard impact on your fist. If you are careful and follow a reasonable training routine, anyone who is serious about martial arts should benefit greatly from the addition of makiwara use.