Leveling Warlock – Fastest Way of Leveling Warlock to Level 80

Leveling Warlock – Fastest Way of Leveling Warlock to Level 80

Warlocks are one of the best class to play with in World of Warcraft. Despite having a very high damage output due to their DoT (damage over time) effects they still have high survivability too. Warlock leveling is really easy if you consider their above mentioned feature and because of their crowd control skills (for example: Fear or Death Coil) they can easily handle group quests. But if you really determined about leveling warlock you should get a good warlock leveling guide.

Firstly the most important thing when you start leveling warlock is your talent build. The three talent trees of the warlocks are Affliction,Demonology and Destruction. Generally Affliction is used for leveling warlock because of its capabilities to deal the highest amount of overall damage and this build can still maintain the high survival skills of the Warlock. But this build is very often used in high level raids as well. Demonology can also be used for leveling due to its extreme survival abilities. Although this build is mostly used for PvP. Destruction is well known for its burst damage but unfortunately destruction warlocks lack the necessary survivability so this build is rarely used for leveling warlock though sometimes used for 1 on 1 PvP. So during warlock leveling you should use the affliction build. But I still recommend you to get a copy of a good warlock leveling guide!

The second very important thing is your gear. You must get appropriate items in order to be effective.You may be surprised but stamina is the most important for warlock leveling since plus stamina increase your overall survivability and through Lifetap it will increase your mana as well. The second very important stat is the shadow damage because most of your DPS is based upon shadow damage so plus shadow damage is much more effective than spell damage in case of leveling warlock.

You may know now what talent build to choose and what gear to get but without a good warlock leveling guide you will get level 80 in months instead of rushing toward level 80 and get it within days or weeks. With the help of a well-written warlock leveling guide you can achieve 80 as quickly as possible.

I think the best guide for warlock leveling is the Team iDemise Leveling Guide. Click here to read more!