Level 50-60 LOTRO Leveling Guide

Level 50-60 LOTRO Leveling Guide

With the arrival of Mines of Moria, the first expansion pack for LOTRO, the game’s level cap was increased by ten levels. Two brand new classes were introduced, wardens and rune-keepers, and also new types of weapons. All in all, the game was enriched with a large amount of content situated in the three new zones: Eregion, Moria and Lothlorien.

In order to be able to reach the end game content, any player must achieve level 60 first, which is not very easy, LOTRO being considered by the online gaming community as one of the games with an increased grade of difficulty.

To benefit from all the new advantages, all the players want to level the fastest way possible. One of the fastest ways to reach the end game content is to use a 50-60 LOTRO leveling guide.

Besides a detailed system of maps, links to forums and sites, locations of the quest NPCs and a step-by-step quest walkthrough, a good 50-60 LOTRO leveling guide should follow this general line:

1. Take Eregion as a beginning zone, starting with the quests at Gwingris, Echad Eregion, Echad Dunann then move to the Walls of Moria and complete Book I of the Volume II, to be able to enter Moria. The last quests of Eregion are at Echad Mirobel. By the time a player finishes with this area they should be level 53.

2. The Mines of Moria is divided in a complex system of halls connected by tunnels and corridors. In this area a 50-60 LOTRO leveling guide comes really handy because any player can easily lose their orientation trying to avoid the mobs or to find the best way to pass from a zone to another.

The main areas of Moria are The Great Delving – to the West, Durin’s Way – to the North, Zelem-melek – the central area, Nud-melek – to the East, Silvertine Lodes and Waterworks to the – to South-West, Redhorn Lodes – South-Central area, Flaming Deeps – to the South and The Foundations of Stone to the East.

The most important quest nodes in Moria are located in the following settlements:
– Durin’s Threshold and Dolven-view in The Great Delving;
– Chamber of the Crossroads in Durin’s Way;
– Deep Descent in Silvertine Lodes;
– The Rotting Cellar in The Water Works;
– Jazargund in Durin’s Way;
– Twenty-first Hall in Zelem-melek – the most important area of Moria;
– The Orc-watch in Redhorn Lodes;
– Anazarmekhem in The Flaming Deeps;
– Shadowed Refuge in The Foundations of Stone;
After finishing the quests on Moria, any player should be level 59.

3. The third important of the Mines of Moria expansion is Lothlorien. Most of the quests here are located at Mekhem-bizru.