How to Trace a Phone Number – Reverse Phone Lookup

How to Trace a Phone Number – Reverse Phone Lookup

Many people are very suspicious about answering an unknown phone call, and some even want to find answers on “how do I trace a phone number”. Some people decide to let it go and it just not answer, while others want to know who is calling, not only their name but other information as well.

Have you ever been sound asleep at 4 am on a weekend and got a “restricted” or “private” call from a bunch of kids, hassling you to death? I have, and when I did I was furious and wanted to know who it was in the worst way! I did some research and found out there was a answer to my question! My question of how do I trace a phone number was not left in cyberspace anymore. I finally found a way to trace the “prank” callers and find out their names and even their addresses!

So, how do I trace a phone number?

Well, with all of the civil rights and privacy rules the law is not allowed to give out personal information to any random person who shows interest. In fact, even the police cannot give out information, nor can the telephone service provider. This is because of privacy rules, and other civil right laws. But, what if there was a way to type in a number, and not only find a name but an address and other personal information? Like a sort of, “reverse” phone-book.

Well, this is very much real and is used by millions of people everyday! Some people use this “reverse” phone-book method to find prank callers, some use it for mysterious phone calls; numbers showing up on their phone bills; or even on your caller I.D.