How to Level a Mage in WoW

One of the most important aspects of learning how to level a Mage in WoW is that separation from your target is crucial.

The WoW mage is a cloth wearing class with no healing spells. This makes it very difficult to survive in close quarters combat situations. Fortunately this class has quite a bit of crowd control abilities that make it easy to create space when fighting.

At early levels when you are just starting to learn how to level a Mage in WoW you will notice that you can pretty much kill things very quickly. This will change over time but, you will also start learning spells like Frost Nova that allows you to freeze a target to the ground and move away to continue casting.

You also receive Polymorph that can turn your target into a sheep. This allows for simply running away if things are going bad or controlling a target in multi target situations.

Blink is another spell you will receive as you are leveling your Mage and is a very quick way to create space between you and your target. A very common technique is to engage your enemy and when it gets close you will use Frost Nova to freeze it to the ground then blink away to kill your enemy.

A few important stats you will want to look for as you learn how to level a Mage in WoW that will enhance your spell casting abilities are:

Intellect – This stat increases your damage ability as well as increasing you mana pool to allow you to continue casting spells longer.

Hit Rating – Making sure you reach your hit cap at 17% is going to be crucial at higher levels although not as important at lower levels.

Haste Rating – Haste increases the speed at which you cast spells.

Critical Strike Rating – This stat allows for hitting larger critical damage spells more often.

A Mage will always wear cloth armor and matching cloth armor with the above stats will always ensure you are wearing the appropriate gear for your class.

Leveling this class can be some of the most fun you will have playing any character in World of Warcraft. Once you master the basic skills you will find it is equally as fun questing, running dungeons, raiding and in a player versus player environment.

Be sure to practice using all the spells available to your character and seek out more experienced players that you can ask questions.