How to Judge a Man – Top 3 Mentalities of Men Revealed

How to Judge a Man – Top 3 Mentalities of Men Revealed

It’s always tough for a woman to judge a man properly in her life. Especially in relationships, when a woman fails to judge her man, she often faces the sad moments and frequently shed tears.

According to relationship experts, every woman can conveniently control her man if she knows how to judge him. She will take over the hearts of the hatreds in her relationship and make him hers forever.

Judge his mentality

It’s very important to judge a man’s mentality, because a man’s mentality impacts on his life and presents his real picture.

The fact is, a man’s brain and heart work exactly different from women. His ideas, wishes, emotions, and enthusiasms often make him very difficult for a woman to understand.

The most interesting thing is that, it’s very difficult for men to understand their own mentality and evaluate their own thinking patterns. Especially in marital life, their mentality is like a poison pill wrapped in sugar paper which they can neither swallow nor drink. They only do what they think is right. You’ll find very few men in this world who have control over their mind, and such men are hard to find.

You can’t weigh every man’s mentality on the same scales. That’s why, here I am dividing men’s mentality into three branches. You just have to know with which branch a man belongs to. After knowing that, it will be very simple for you to understand your man and get him love you more than you can.

Small Mentality

It’s very easy to recognize the men of small mentality. Most of these men talk about personalities, superstars, mentors, and famous people, and try to be like them. They not only embrace the actual style of their favorite personalities but also gossip about them all the time. Moreover, these types of people tend to show their maturity through different ways, but they hardly prove themselves mature.

My own guess is that there are 70 percent of men in this world who have small mentality. The major reason is that their mind is not in their control. Different things, situations, and environments hugely impact their grooming process and keep them under a trance of small mentality. That’s why, they see, think, and do what they believe is right and usually don’t care about other’s feelings.

Media and entertainment industry control these type of people very easily and badly destroy their natural grooming process. Therefore, most of these people often face depression in their lives and tend to make very terrible mistakes in their relationships.

I would love to add some positive factors of these people. This type of people live their lives passionately and enjoy each and every moment. You can have fun, excitement, romance, and love with them. Especially in marital life, you can highly expect love from them, because they are very sensitive and emotional. They love you on an extreme level and do everything in their power to keep you happy. If you can judge this type of men rightly, and keep them under your control, then you can make your life heaven.

It’s necessary to mention one thing here, I am not using ‘Small Mentality’ concept in the wrong way. All I’m saying is that, men of small mentality don’t think big and mature. Because, on an emotional level, they are mostly insecure and amateur.

Mature Mentality

You can recognize a man of a mature mentality with the merit of his words, excellence of his actions, and good manners. Men of mature mentality talk about events and great ideas, instead of human personalities. Whenever you see a man discussing about ideas and events, you should understand that he’s a mature person and his maturity level is rather high.

It’s not easy to judge a mature mentality man in the context of marital life. Such men are not so good in their marital life. Men of mature mentality often dump their thinking on others and prove themselves right in every condition. They have an immense pride in their own ego, maturity, and intelligence. And, that pride becomes pursuant in their married life and hurt the feelings of their spouse. Consequently, they mostly suffer from loneliness and keep themselves busy in their work.

If you think your man understands you and your feelings, then you are with a golden man. Usually, it’s very difficult for a man to understand women’s feelings, because it’s not within their abilities to learn a woman’s heart. Only mature mentality men have an ability to understand women’s feelings. They know how to turn hatreds into love and enjoy love life with their spouse.

Elite Mentality

Men of elite mentality are mostly leaders, politicians, or entrepreneurs. These people often become icons for others and make others follow them with the help of their natural great abilities. They know how to put a great impression on people’s mind and make themselves really impressive.

Men of elite mentality are like one in a billion, but you can comfortably recognize them with some special signs. For example: These men dedicate their lives to achieve their goals. Their every action is an example for others. If you ever see a man who is known for his actions, impressive personality, and leadership, you should understand that he is a man of great mentality.

One brutal fact about great mentality men is that, they are rarely successful in their marital life. Their life is so busy that they don’t get enough time to understand their relationship. They mostly run behind their goals and forget about their spouse. They win in their lives, but they lose in their relationship.

One of the biggest negative things you can find in these men is their ego. The feelings of greatness make them arrogant and egoistic. In married life, they often demonstrate their greatness in front of their wives and urge their wives to become great too. They change the actual personality of their wives and transform them into what they want.

If you ever find a man of the elite mentality who extremely loves you and accepts your true identity, you should know that he’s like a precious diamond.

In married life, a woman’s heart often breaks. And, when her heart breaks, dreams and desires break too. However, if you know how to judge a man correctly, then you can save your heart forever. You can improve your life and relationships comfortably.