Friendship Bracelets – 3 Rules to Follow

Friendship Bracelets – 3 Rules to Follow

Friendship bracelets are very popular these days not only among teenagers but also with other people. But do you know that these bracelets have three very important rules that you need to follow when you let your friends tie it on your wrist or when you tie one on your friend’s wrist? What are these three important rules?

Rule 1: Make sure that the bracelet can fall off Naturally Only

According to the customs, this bracelet should fall off naturally. You should never cut it off if you want the friendship to live longer. For that matter, while making a bracelet for your friend, make sure that you make it in such a way so that the bracelet can fall off naturally after some time. If it doesn’t fall off after some time, your friend may be bored of wearing the same bracelet over and over again. Never use a fastener because it may prevent the bracelet from falling off.

Rule 2: Wear it all the time

Once you wear a friendship bracelet, you should never take it off yourself. You need to let it fall off naturally. If you cut it or remove it before time, the friendship between you and your friend can go sour. This is why make sure you wear it all the time after you get it on.

Rule 3: Your Wish is Granted

According to the tradition, the recipient of a bracelet can make a wish and when the bracelet falls off the wish is granted. So if you get a bracelet, don’t forget to make your wish. And also keep your scissors away.