Foosball Etiquette – 7 Rules to Live By

Foosball Etiquette – 7 Rules to Live By

Foosball is a competitive game. It’s a game that follows a stringent set of rules that all players should adhere to. Foosball etiquette pertains to the things you should and should not do when in front of the playing table.

1. Adhere to the result of the coin flip at the start of the match.

Players use a coin to determine which team starts the match. This step could be very primitive, you might think. But unless the game officials tell you otherwise, you’ve got to follow the coin flip rule.

2. When choosing a side, don’t change your decision.

Foosball etiquette calls for players standing by their decision at all times. This is most evident when players are given a chance to choose which side of the table they want to play. Choose accordingly and stick to your decision. Act like a real professional.

3. No cursing or foul words.

It is understandable that sometimes, the game really gets rough and very intense. However, keep in mind that the game should remain a healthy competition. Cursing and foul words have no place at a foosball game.

4. Don’t touch the ball when it is in play.

The only time you can touch the ball is when you retrieve it from the goal and put it back into play again. After that, there should be no reason for you to touch it. Only the foosball men are allowed to hit the ball and get it into the goal.

5. Do not serve the ball until your opponent is ready.

Foosball etiquette calls for a fair game at all the time. The game official normally whistles to signal when the serving player can start the game. However if there’s no official around, each player should be courteous enough to call the other player’s attention before he or she makes the serve.

6. The ball is considered out of bounds if it leaves the playing table.

There are instances when the ball hits the ceiling, a cabinet, a tray or anything outside the foosball table. In such cases, the ball is declared out of bounds and the play restarts, whether or not the ball managed to get back into the playing field. However, if the ball touches the sides of the foosball table or any structure that is still officially part of the table, the game should continue as is.

7. No spinning

This is one of the cardinal rules of foosball. Spinning is defined as the rotating the foosball men around at more than one rotation. Players should have full control of the game and are not allowed to just spin the rod around hoping to strike the ball as they do it.