Corruption Is a Great Curse

Corruption is a great social evil. It indicates the activities which are quite opposite the values and norms of an organization or of the society. In the context of Bangladesh it becomes a big problem. For this problem our country is now troubled to such an extent that the existence of the country is under threat.

Corruption means illegal and immoral activities. And such types of immoral activities are prevailing in every sector of our country. Morality has gone from the society. There is no justice. Good work has become unfair means and unfair means has become good work. Corruption is common everywhere.

According to the 2011 corruption perceptions index the level of corruption in the Asia-Pacific region’s public sector is very alarming. This index covers 183 states where countries were given score on a scale from 0-highly corrupt to 10-very clean. Maximum countries of this region score lower than five which denotes a serious corruption problem.

From these countries, a quite number appear at the bottom of the ranks. But few countries like New Zealand, Singapore and Australia secure places in the top ten and other sixteen countries score below three. Our country, Bangladesh is also included in this low scoring countries having score 2.7. This poor score of our country signifies clear risk of corruption here. For this reason, unequal distribution of wealth will be occurred.

Due to corruption economic growth of a country is hindered. It can say without any confusion that most of our political leaders are involved with corruption. Recently our railway minister has resigned for a big corruption in his own department. Not only our minister but also other officials like GM, APS and Commandant from railway department are also associated with it. And they are also suspended from their post.

So corruption is a world-wide problem. No country can rightly boast that she is absolutely free from the problem of corruption. In fact, corruption is a common phenomenon in almost all countries of the world both developed and developing. In some countries like Bangladesh, it is so gigantic in stature and so vast in proportion that it may throttle them to death if proper and accurate steps are not taken to stop corruption immediately. This is why the governments all the world over are engaging their serious attention to see its end. Many ways are being devised to root it out. But will a time to come when there will no corruption on the face of the earth?