Bucks judge’s ruling on Kayden Mancuso mandates his elimination

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As we celebrate the passage of Kayden’s Regulation in the state Senate, and anticipate the very same in the Home and for Gov. Tom Wolf to subsequently enact the bolstering of baby-protection rules, I’m reminded of the horror of how we all received below. 

I’m reminded of the unconscionable determination by Bucks County Widespread Pleas Court docket Judge Jeffrey Trauger that led to a child’s brutal murder by her biological father, who then dedicated suicide, but not in advance of leaving a mocking note to his household and ex-girlfriend on their daughter’s lifeless overall body. 

I’m reminded how this family court docket judge had before him so many red flags and screaming sirens but ignored them all. 

Two years after her brutal murder by her mentally unstable biological father during a court-approved unsupervised visitation, 7-year-old Kayden Mancuso's family are left with only Christmas videos and memories.

I’m reminded of how Trauger decided to turn 7-yr-aged Kayden Mancuso of Decreased Makefield over to her father, Jeffrey Mancuso, who was skillfully evaluated as narcissistic, depressed, antisocial, and had a heritage of violence for unsupervised visits during a custody struggle with his former girlfriend, Kathryn Sherlock. 

Reminded of how Trauger experienced prior to him thorough accounts of how Mancuso had multiple assault rates across various states, abused alcoholic beverages and prescription medicines, punched his high university teachers and was expelled, brawled in college or university, assaulted his have mother in Kayden’s existence, spat upon loved ones users, bit off component of a man’s ear for the duration of an altercation in a bar, and even abused the household pet dog.