Boy With Autism Walks Onstage, Brings Judges to Their Feet With Michael Jackson Classic

Boy With Autism Walks Onstage, Brings Judges to Their Feet With Michael Jackson Classic

Television talent shows are meant to bring out the talents which are hidden in the parts of the country or around the world. The talents are brought in front of the people so that the people with incredible talents can be appreciated and noticed for who they are. Britain’s Got Talent brings a boy from Britain into limelight suffering through autism performs commendably onstage which can make you speechless. Autism has no cure in the present day and the children who suffer from autism have a hard time connecting and socializing with people. But this 10-year old, Calum Courtney from Essex, United Kingdom can prove you that you can create wonders with your talent.

1. Calum’s melodious performance

When a child with autism walks on the front of so many people the basic question arises that he may be nervous. Social fear is the most prominent symptom of autism for the children. After Calum walked in the judges asked him whether he was nervous about the thought of performing in front of the crowd. Calum answered the question with a ‘no’ without any thought calmly and with his sweet voice. The judges were concerned and were hardly convinced by the answer of the boy. By showing his true talents to the world with his melodious singing, he cleared everyone’s doubts. The judges were so touched by the performance that they had to stand on their feet to appreciate Calum’s talent.

2. Comments of the judges

After the end of the song, the judges were moved with the boy that he got a standing ovation from them and the audience was pleased and applauding for Calum’s singing talent. Judge Simon Cowell ended up saying few notable words for the boy and even giving him two thumbs up. Judge David Williams said that Calum should be proud of himself with for the absolutely brilliant performance he gave and for choosing such a big song. Hearing the appreciation from the judges Calum couldn’t control the tears and his little brother went on the stage to give him a hug. Amanda Holden said that the beautiful reaction she saw on stage was the biggest especially when they are ten years old.

3. Calum’s love for music

Calum’s mother says that autism is like a boon for his music. Surely he may have problems with socializing, but in case of music, he very well knows how to connect with people. Calum’s decision to participate in Britain’s Got Talent was obviously was based on his love for music. Calum has already performed in public in a local ASDA store. The footage got viral on YouTube, which got him 2 million views. With his beautiful voice, Calum has also been in the newspapers of the United Kingdom. Calum’s mother says that Calum loves to hear the sound of music and he is never been afraid of singing in front of people.