Bloons the Original – Interesting Levels – 8, 13, 23 and 30

Bloons the Original – Interesting Levels – 8, 13, 23 and 30

Level 8 (Holy Moley)

14 balloons are required to complete the level. Another first, here we have a “wall” with three brown colored bricks. Your first dart needs to take out one of those; just hitting one with the dart will destroy it. Now all you have to do is fire the other dart through the hole in the wall and it should strike a pin bloon and pop all of the others. A fairly easy level to fully complete.

Level 13 (Reservoir)

25 balloons required to complete the level. This level will test your skills at correctly judging both power and angle to make accurate arcs. Ideally with the first dart, have it enter through the furthest hole in the wall to hit the pin bloons. If that is proving too hard you can have it enter through the second hole from the right which is wider and take out many of the bloons through that one. The two hardest shots are the first, to hit the pin bloons, and the one required to get through the first hole to clear the vertical group closest to the monkey. A score in the 90% range is common on this level.

Level 23 (Ouchie)

35 balloons required to complete the level. Possibly the hardest level we have encountered so far. We also encounter, for the first time, “mine bloons”, along with the old favorite, ice bloons. You will see a row of mine bloons at the top, and a row of ice bloons on the third row down. The arc you achieve is the most important thing. It is practically impossible to shoot the dart and miss all the mines and all the ice bloons. However, if you get the arc just right, you can get away with popping some mines, and/or ice ones but you need to have enough force to hit the pin ones. You have a rubber wall to the right and a solid wall to the left. By aiming correctly you can send the dart through the top couple of layers, deflect it off the rubber wall directly into the pin bloons. A 70% score, or thereabouts, is about normal for this level.

Level 30 (Ice Bounce)

28 balloons required to complete the level. After the brief respite of an easy level we return to a more complex one. There are two ways to accomplish this. On the first shot try to hit the top ice bloon, also getting as many as possible of the ones below that one. Make sure there is at least one of the frozen bloons to use to bounce off with the next shot, or just go ahead and reset the level. Bounce off the frozen bloon and into the pack of bombs which will explode all those. The alternate method which is sometimes preferred is to shoot as hard as possible at the left side of the lower rubber wall and the vibration will set off the bomb bloons ands destroy all those to the left of the rubber wall. On the subsequent shot you can take out as many of the remaining bloons as possible while avoiding the ice ones. Aim for a score around 90% and you will complete the level.