AOC Leveling Guide – How to Level Fast With an Age of Conan Leveling Guide?

AOC Leveling Guide – How to Level Fast With an Age of Conan Leveling Guide?

A lot of MMO players, whether playing Age of Conan or another game, are always looking for ways to level characters fast. AoC happens to have 80 levels and the first 10 levels or so are very easy for anyone to level up fast, but once you are beyond those, you may find that you want the help of an AoC leveling guide to get you the rest of the way to level 80.

The Age of Conan developers have figured that it will take average players at least 250 hours of game play to reach level 80. Now for some players that may be just fine. But if you are like me, you don’t have tons of hours to devote to playing Age of Conan every week. You might be able to get online for a couple of hours a week if you are lucky. Fortunately, I can usually find about 2 hours a day or so to play so that really helps me get more EXP, but even so, I prefer to get up to level 80 much faster than 250 hours.

Once I get one character to level 80, then I can get some alts leveled up too so I can have more variety when I’m playing, and won’t get bored playing the same character all the time. Or if I get bored playing AoC I can move onto a new game and stop giving Funcom all my money every month. Sometimes you just want to run through a game once, right?

But with an Age of Conan leveling guide, I can really cut that 250 hours down to size. In fact, I cut it in half. By using the step-by-step walk-throughs and shortcuts that any good leveling guide offers, I was able to get to level 80 in a little over 5 days of game play. I expect it will be even faster with my next character, who is a Barbarian.

Leveling guides also help with great maps of all the different zones and instances. This is really helpful if you don’t have a lot of time to play on a particular day, but you want to log into AoC and go off and kill some NPCs and get some experience. You can just go straight to whatever instance you like, instead of wandering around wondering which way to turn next.

The best tip I can offer for learning how to level fast with an Age of Conan leveling guide is to make sure that you read over the guide before you start character creation. Often, some character classes just turn out to be easier to level than others, especially if you prefer to play solo most of the time. For example, many players find that the Priest of Mitra means fast leveling. Guardians are also great levelers because they are hard to kill (so less down time for you).

This isn’t to say that you can’t make use of the guide if you’ve already started leveling your character. Even if you happen to be at level 20 or so, you definitely can use the guide to help you to get to level 80 that much faster. But before you build your next character, you can use the guide’s tips to help you decide which one is going to be the fastest to level.