A Review of the Integris Health Multi-Level Marketing Program

A Review of the Integris Health Multi-Level Marketing Program

The Integris Health Domain was registered in February 1996 which means they have been around a very long time. Their Domain Contacts originate out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Integris Health was originally founded in 1983 before anyone knew how to log into the internet and the purpose of this MLM Company is to financially assist the Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City. The MLM Portion of this company launched in 1997. Larry Cantrell and Willam Kellas are the two people who founded this company. William Kellis also wrote a couple books. One is called Surviving the Toxic Crisis and the other is Thriving in a Toxic World.

The most highly renowed product Integris Health (many times referred to as Integris Global now) sells is called Life Solubles. This product is made from rice and has over seventy anti-oxidants present. The company says the effects of this product take place instantly, and that faster absorption is just what nature intended. Another product they sell is called Kona Gold. This product is made up of plankton and algae that is collected around the Oceans of Hawaii and that nutrients and minerals are extracted from this plankon and algae.

The company claims that all the Volcanic Activity constantly occurring in about 2,000 of deep seawater have over the centuries been in a continual state of nutrient enrichment. This forms what is called Glacial Milk which is exempt from herbicides, pesticides as well as heavy metal contamination. Integris Health also has a product called the Paragon System which is used for cleaning parasites.

The MLM Compensation Plan for Integris Health is a single level pay plan. The company pays 7% on levels 1-5 and 3% on level 6. Anyone who is over 18 years old can join this program, and the company has a total of 7 products you can sell for them.

From what I’ve read the Integris brand name hasn’t been widely promoted or is it yet recognized as a serious player. Also my understanding is that these products have not yet been approved by the FDA. However in all fairness this is the case with a lot of MLM Companies operating these days.

Selling Integris Health products could end up being tougher to sell than many mainstream MLM Programs out there. I say this because I don’t see much in cutting edge banners, follow-up systems, lead generation systems or big recruiters on board. So at least selling their products on the Internet could be an uphill battle. However if you are selling these to a small group of people for a little extra cash, such as your church group they could sell very well.

The Integris Business Owners (IBO) Kit is only $29.95 to get started, so the investment to get going is very minimal if you wanted to get your feet wet here and test the waters. This start-up kit includes the Policies and Procedures Manual, the IBO Application, and details regarding the Integris Marketing and Compensation Plan. They also include retail receipts and quite a bit more goodies. Based on the time this company was registered its domain, and the fact that we haven’t seen any complaints and their low start-up cost, I would definitely say this company is legitimate and doesn’t raise any red flags with us.