A Review of Network Marketer Jay Kubassek

A Review of Network Marketer Jay Kubassek

Doing research on the Jay Kubassek money making opportunity has not been easy. There seems to be a debate over whether or not the companies he has been involved in are scams or legitimate. He seems to be an entrepreneur in the direct marketing business, but there is very little information out there about his own business that happens to be going by a few different names.

According to various websites, Jay Kubassek was one of the top salesmen for Liberty League International, a direct selling company of self-help products to promote inner growth. Based on various reports found around the Internet the company’s products and compensation program was nothing more than a scam and after four years of successful sales, Kubassek left to start his own business. Interestingly enough, there is nothing on Liberty League International’s website stating that one of their top sellers left the company.

As you move through this information and Google the name ‘Jay Kubassek’, you discover a few websites he seems to be associated with. One is called Carbon Copy Pro. Another is called Carbon Copy Marketing. And yet a third is Wealth Masters International. The question that now remains is this: is Jay Kubassek working for Wealth Masters International and is this company a viable one?

There is little to no information on the Carbon Copy Pro and Carbon Copy Marketing companies. When you go to the websites, they give all the reasons why you should be following Kubassek’s plan, but nothing else. As a matter of fact, both sites request that you contact them via e-mail for more information on this ‘most powerful TURNKEY marketing system on the planet.’ Sound a bit fishy?

There is also question as to whether or not Jay Kubassek is really involved with Carbon Copy Marketing. When researching it on the Internet, another name was affiliated with this plan, namely Michael Filsaime. Are they partners or are these two entirely unrelated ventures? Carbon Copy Marketing is available via download. It should not be surprising that when attempting to open websites associated with this company that they are not available. The few that are available have testimonials on them claiming that this product is the best tool for Internet marketing.

Another way to determine if Jay Kubassek is for you is to simply send him an email. Did he respond in a timely manner, minus being on vacation of course, we all have a right to take a vacation every now and then. Having said that, was he receptive in helping you get started. Is he willing to speak with you on the phone and give you advice when you need it. These are things you need to ask yourself before you make a firm decision.

So the question now becomes do you take the chance and e-mail Jay Kubassek’s company – which would be Carbon Copy Pro due to his ‘personal’ statement on the webpage – or do you skip this money making opportunity for something else? At this point in time, the decision would definitely have to be up the prospective consultant to make.